I had to tell you about that first but the first thing we had was actually a

sample platter with Crab Rangoon, Pork Dumplings, Lettuce Wrap Chicken, and Crispy Pork Dumplings with Dumpling Sauce. Ziings knows how to cut their meats so that they stay juicy during the cooking process in their 800° woks.

My friend had the Kun Pao Chicken with shrimp. Ziings will do that kind of thing, like mix your order for you. They serve vegetarian and vegan dishes too. They can even prepare you meal gluten free but you may want to call ahead for that.

Their Kung Pao can be ordered at several levels of spiciness and my favorite is standard. It is warm but very tasty, and again the un-breaded chicken is moist. The shrimp are plumb and flavorful.

On Tuesdays Ziings has  an All-You-Can-Eat $9.95 deal with 6 available entrees, and $4 well/$3 domestic draft.

Ziings is located right in the downtown at 207 North Harbor Boulevard, 714.526.5777.

 This article courtesy of  Mark Stouffer-The Fullertonian newspaper