How a Real Estate Agent Can Help You? (First Time Home Buyers)

If you’re in the market to buy your first home, you may be wondering if you need your own real estate agent, or perhaps you’re curious as to how an agent can help you. You are about to make an important decision for your future, a great investment of both money and time.

Buying a home for the first time can be overwhelming. Don’t go it alone. Work with a professional Real Estate Agent! Here are 10 Ways a Real Estate Agent Can Help You.

Working with a Real Estate Agent

A real estate professional can…

01 | Help establish a plan for a home that fits your needs

02 | Help you find a good mortgage consultant to have you


03 | Guide you through the entire process, serve as a buffer

       and take care of a lot of the behind-the-scenes tasks

04 | Help you research neighborhoods and houses

05 | Find the right home for you

06 | Help you gauge market values and best determine a range where your offer should be

07 | Help you write-up offer (and counter offers) and negotiate the best terms and price for you

08 | Provide you with a list of key professionals (e.g., real estate attorneys, home inspectors, pest

       inspectors, etc.) that you’ll need in a real estate transaction

09 | Help you feel comfortable with the closing process and go with you to closing

10 | Follow up with you after the sale

These are just some ways that a qualified real estate agent can help you in your journey towards buying your very first home. I have a wealth of experience helping first time buyers like you make sound, informed decisions. For more information or assistance with your first home purchase, please contact me.

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