California….that’s the answer, specifically to sunny Orange County. Would you like to know the why, where when and how of this question/answer?

Scenario #1, a couple from Wisconsin interested in taking advantage of the currently deflated value of the Orange county home market, who would like a home with an ocean view. This would be a second/vacation home and possibly a rental property as well. They are intimately aware of the potential for property values to increase at a reasonable pace (unlike the prior bubble, this time property values will increase at a moderate pace) and see great value in purchasing a dream home at a bargain price. I informed them that a second home purchase would require more than a 25% down payment from a lender, not a problem was her response! The couple will be in town next week to look at condominiums along the coast, with an ocean view. Some of which can be purchased for a mere half million dollars! This may sound high, keep in mind 4 years ago these properties were going for ¾ of a million and beyond! The most important factor when determining a home price is location, and locations like this are few and far between!

 Scenario#2 a couple from Boston looking for an incoming producing property and capable of paying all cash for the home. They would like a fixer, preferably an reo or short sale as that is where the best deals are to be had. They have family in Irvine, and would like to possibly move down here sometime in the future. In the mean time the will be renovating the home they chose, and then renting it out for an 8-10% return on investment annually! Jumbo Cd’s, or certificate of deposits for 5 years and 100k minimum investment yield approximately 2.55%, a 10% return on investment is a considerably higher yield!

 Both of these scenarios are clients I am actively working with to help fulfill their financial goals. Opportunities abound in this economy; more millionaires were made in the great depression than in any other era of history (J Paul Getty, Howard Hughes, Gene Autry). According to N.A.R  an astounding 32% of all  home purchases in the United States are ALL CASH! Have I piqued your interest?

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