Did I catch your attention??

You might be asking yourself what the catch is, and I would be lying to you if i said there are none. So, here’s the deal, the city of Anaheim is giving $100,000 dollars toward the purchase of your next home…wow! The best part, as long as you live in the home the loan does not have to be payed back!!!!!!

 Ok, here are the specifics. Eligible parties can not make more than $72,500, and not all housing will apply toward this program. I will use a buyer that I have been working with as an example: the purchaser made a little over $50,000 a year, and was prequalified for a loan amount of $200,000. His options were fairly limited and his tastes were a little less peanut butter and jelly, and a little more caviar and escargot. After applying the 100k from the city of Anaheim, his purchase price had escalated to 300k, and the complex he chose was state of the art, with all of the amenities (health club, open access wi fi, pool, spa, clubhouse, controlled access entry to the complex, etc…).  Everybody wins!

As I mentioned earlier, a certain amount of housing is eligible, and specific lenders must be contacted to qualify. Contact me for more details, you wont be sorry!

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